Notoriously sampled signature shapes and shadows.

The Book

Lyrois: None Of This Is Real: Works & Words 2002 - 2011

Lyrois: None of This is Real

NONE OF THIS IS REAL collects and curates the output from the LYROIS lab between the years of 2002 and 2011, covering Street Art, interior & showroom design, as well as action sports. The works and the words reflect the tension between conciliatory imagery and antagonizing commentary, yet, one doesn’t exist without the other. In 1997, Alexander Becker drew a bunch of shapes, 17 figures gathered around the silhouette of a dancer. The shapes are sampled, over and over, with the techniques du jour, and the materials we contemporarily love; bright, opaque, or translucent vinyl, bullet-resistant acrylic glas, hi-tech paper, and industrial adhesive foil. Inspired by theatrical Gobos, Lyrois plays with light and shadows and their projections. [On Amazon.]